Wholesaler Liquidation

We are the leading reverse logistics company on the western coast of the United States.

Liquidation Services For Wholesalers

Since wholesale companies often purchase their product from distributors, many believe that wholesale companies simply face the same challenges distributors face.  While they may have some similar challenges, wholesale companies have some that are unique to them as well.  A wholesaler may find that their warehouses are also clogged by deep SKU items, but it is more likely that their clog comes from thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of items in much smaller quantities.

A wholesale company will purchase some items that they sell through completely, but they will also purchase items that they do not.  Even if they sell almost all of every item they carry, since they often carry thousands of items, the few items left of each one can easily and quickly number into the tens, or hundreds, of thousands of overstock items.  Finding a liquidation company interested in some of the items is easy, but finding a liquidation company able to take every item can be more challenging.

RL Liquidators is designed to accept every item a wholesale company carries, and still provide the highest overall recovery rate in the industry.  Since RL Liquidators also owns RL Shipping and Transport, we can quickly and easily remove any quantity of inventory from your facilities; freeing up that valuable warehouse space for your current fast moving, and far more profitable, inventory.

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Need A Returns Solution?

Returns are a drain.  Every part costs money; return shipping, handling, storing, processing, it adds up fast.  Stop wasting resources on returns and let RL Return Center do it for you.  We accept and process returns on your behalf at our facilities, and then send you a check each month for the returns we received.  Don’t want to outsource?  Implement our software solutions to streamline your own return management process.

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Our Mission

RL Liquidators supports the retail, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries by providing exception liquidation services that produce the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintaining the integrity of our client’s market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in their primary markets.