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Commercial restaurant and food service equipment has a dangerous appeal; an allure akin to the irresistible siren’s song. Over the years we have seen business after business fall prey to this appeal, holding on to their equipment far beyond its usefulness. One aspect of that appeal is the universal utility this equipment has. Whether its old equipment that has been replaced by new, or newer equipment from a closed restaurant, people often dream of using it again for another venture, or even using it in their homes. The result is always the same; delay. The devastating consequence of this delay is that commercial food service equipment does not hold its value well; it depreciates quickly. Delays of even several months can cost the business owner dearly in lost liquidation value.

RL Liquidators has been liquidating restaurants for over a decade. We know how much value lies in commercial restaurant and food service equipment. Equally important, we also know how much value lies in all the ancillary supplies, tools and small equipment; something very often overlooked. Overall, we know that time is of the essence. We have the people, processes and most importantly the buyers, needed to provide the restauranteur with the highest recovery rates possible in the shortest amount of time. We also understand that every restaurant or food service liquidation is different and will come with its own set of unique challenges. From buyout options to liquidating your assets in place to removing the assets to be liquidated from one of our facilities, RL Liquidators has the flexibility to create a custom liquidation solution designed specifically for your individual circumstances.

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Need A Returns Solution?

Returns are a drain.  Every part costs money; return shipping, handling, storing, processing, it adds up fast.  Stop wasting resources on returns and let RL Return Center do it for you.  We accept and process returns on your behalf at our facilities, and then send you a check each month for the returns we received.  Don’t want to outsource?  Implement our software solutions to streamline your own return management process.

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Our Mission

RL Liquidators supports the retail, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries by providing exception liquidation services that produce the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintaining the integrity of our client’s market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in their primary markets.