Commercial & Industrial Liquidation

We are the leading reverse logistics company on the western coast of the United States.

Liquidation Services For Commercial & Industry

The retail industry is not the only sector of the economy requiring the services of a competent and reliable liquidation company. Manufacturing, food processing, logistics, fabrication and construction are just a few examples of businesses within the commercial and/or industrial sectors with liquidation needs. Perhaps they have recently upgraded tools or equipment and now need to do something with the old. Perhaps they are closing down and need to recapture as much value as they can from the tools, equipment and other assets they own. Whatever the reason they find themselves with capital assets that they need to liquidate, partnering with a reputable liquidation company will almost always produce the best results.

RL Liquidators has been converting capital assets back into cash for over ten years; capital equipment is how we started. We have the people, processes, and most importantly the buyers needed to provide you with the highest recovery rates possible in the shortest amount of time.

Commercial and/or industrial liquidation projects always have challenges that are unique to that specific project.  From buyout options to liquidating your assets in place to removing the assets to be liquidated from one of our facilities, RL Liquidators has the flexibility to create a custom liquidation solution for your individual circumstances.

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Need A Returns Solution?

Returns are a drain.  Every part costs money; return shipping, handling, storing, processing, it adds up fast.  Stop wasting resources on returns and let RL Return Center do it for you.  We accept and process returns on your behalf at our facilities, and then send you a check each month for the returns we received.  Don’t want to outsource?  Implement our software solutions to streamline your own return management process.

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Our Mission

RL Liquidators supports the retail, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries by providing exception liquidation services that produce the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintaining the integrity of our client’s market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in their primary markets.