About Us

Founded in 2009 by Ryan Babineau and Larry Morgan, RL Liquidators has quickly grown to be the largest liquidation company in the western United States.  When RL Liquidators started in 2009, Ryan and Larry had over twenty years’ experience in the retail and logistics industries each.  As they met with companies that needed liquidation services and those that offered them, they quickly realized that the liquidation side of the industry was not adequately adapting to the rapidly changing retail landscape.  It became clear that the liquidation services available were quickly becoming obsolete as the needs of the industry changed.  Retailers, manufacturers and those in distribution were beginning to require services that many liquidation companies did not provide.  Responding to those needs, Ryan and Larry have spent the last decade creating and developing the tools, processes, facilities, equipment, software and teams to meet them; both now and far into the future.  The bullet points below outlines only some of the advantages RL Liquidators brings to the Reverse Logistics Liquidation landscape.

True Business To Consumer (B2C) Liquidation Channels

RL Liquidators created multiple proprietary B2C sales channels designed to move any category of retail product, at any volume, while producing the highest recovery rates in the industry.  We do not rely on any third party websites or liquidation outlets.  All sales channels are owned and operated by RL Liquidators to ensure we maintain complete control over where inventory is sold.

  • BidRL.com – an online auction marketplace that does not ship, ensuring that all sales generated through this online competitive bidding site are contained within specific geographic areas.  This sales channel is ideal for high valued inventory.
  • That’s Cheap! – A retail brick and mortar discount store selling overstock inventory directly to the consumer at deeply discounted prices.  Ideal for furniture and any inventory received in bulk quantities.
  • Falling Prices – A brick and mortar bin store where everything in the store sells out each week.  Everything in the store starts the week at the same price and that price drops daily until everything is sold.  Ideal for lower value items or inventory from BidRL.com and/or That’s Cheap! that did not achieve a 100% sell through rate within a reasonable time frame.

Prevent Erosion Of Your Primary Market From The Grey Market 

Our sales channels sell items individually, directly to the consumer and in markets that are geographically limited (shipping is not offered from any of our sales channels), drastically reducing the flow of inventory to the grey market.  This prevents your inventory from reaching the grey market in bulk quantities, eroding your primary market and preserving the integrity of your forward sales channels.

Avoid Impacting Your MAP Pricing

We own all of the liquidation sales channels your product will move through, and those channels do not ship product in any quantities, thus limiting where your excess inventory is sold.  We also ensure that any product listed in our online auction marketplace lacks specificity in its description, preventing internet crawlers from finding your product on our site.  All of these things ensures that all sales remain local to specific markets and prevents those sales from impacting your established MAP pricing.

Maximize Recovery Rates By “Right-Channeling”

Omni-channel is a buzz word in the reverse logistics industry, reflecting a company’s claim to liquidate assets through all sales channels, online and brick and mortar.  In all of our conversations with companies in need of liquidation services, we have never had one of them ask for “Omni-Channel”.  What they do ask for is the maximum recovery rate, and that comes from getting the right product into the right channel.  RL Liquidators is a true Omni-channel liquidation company, but that is just a means to the end that everyone really wants; getting the right product into the right sales channel that will produce the highest recovery rates.  We call that, “Right-Channeling”.

Transparency and Accountability:

Retailers and manufacturers today want to know where their liquidated product is being sold, who is selling it and for how much.  RL Liquidators owns all of the sales channels used to liquidate inventory.  As such, we know exactly where any product is being sold and for how much.  All of that data is available to our clients, allowing them to rest easy knowing their inventory is being liquidated responsibly.

Adaptability and Customization:

The retail, manufacturing and distribution landscapes continue to change and evolve with incredible speed.  RL Liquidators has intentionally retained its ability to be nimble, flexible and adaptable.  We routinely create customized liquidation solutions to keep pace with rapidly changing world we live in, ensuring our clients consistently receive the best possible solutions for their specific liquidation challenges.

Logistics Capabilities:

RL Shipping and Transport Inc. is just one of the companies owned by RL Liquidators, but it plays a major role in providing top tier service to every client.  Owning our own fleet of trucks allows us to provide logistics services to clients that others cannot match.

Corporate Headquarters:
500 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 747-7762

Our Mission

RL Liquidators supports the retail, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries by providing exception liquidation services that produce the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintaining the integrity of our client’s market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in their primary markets.