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Custom Solutions For Your Specific Circumstances

Full Service Liquidation

Liquidating assets since 2009 has taught us two near-universal truths. First, everyone has inventory that is getting in their way. Returns, overstocks, warehouse damaged, near code or out of code, whatever the reason the inventory is there, it’s a problem that only grows if not effectively managed. Second, no one goes about managing that inventory the same way. At RL Liquidators, our first priority is to understand our clients; their processes, problems, and concerns. Armed with that information, we then produce customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Listed below are just some of the tools in our toolbox that we can put to work for you.


We list this option first intentionally. We have found that many of our clients just want to get paid for the problem inventory and have it shipped out of their facility. They don’t want complicated programs; they just want it all gone. Whether it’s one truckload or several thousands of them, a one-time deal, or an ongoing contract, we have the ability to turn the problem into something as simple as a sales transaction.

RL Return Center

Managing returns is a problem; stop dealing with it. Let us do it for you. RLReturn Center is a third party return center like no other. We receive your returns and pay youfor them. You eliminate every expense associated with managing your returns and turn theentire process into a revenue stream.

Return Center Software

Want to process your returns in house? No problem, use our ReturnCenter Software to reduce your expenses and improve the efficiency of your return process.

R2 Certified Testing & Repair Center

If you are R2 certified and need a downstream vendor that is as well, or if you simply need an R2 certified vendor to handle your electronics program, our first R2 certified testing and repair center is expecting to complete the certification process in May of 2021.

Become the Seller is our own proprietary online marketplace for reverse logistics inventory. Become an authorized dealer and sell your own reverse logistics inventory while protecting your brand image.

Partner Warehouse Locations

Have a facility that produces high volumes of reverse logistics inventory?  We will take it all at contracted rates and open a warehouse close by to receive everything your facility produces.  We then handle the liquidation from our facility, leaving yours free and clear.

B2B Export

Would you like a B2B and/or export solution for your reverse logistics inventory? Our wholesale division has the tools and team to make that happen.

Price Sensitive

Equally interested in recovery rates as you are speed of removal? We own Falling Prices, That’s Cheap! and; all independent and proprietary sales channel chains to ensure your inventory is, “Right Channeled” to maximize recovery.

Brand Protection

De-branding, and a variety of other programs, ensure your brand image is protected.

Grey Market Protection

 Our proprietary sales channels are all local B2C business locations ensuring large quantities of your product don’t reach the grey market.

Logistics Capabilities

We own our own trucking company, RL Shipping & Transport. If your logistics needs don’t match one of our current lanes, we have dozens of external partners to ensure your logistics needs are met on time every time.


If your problem isn’t met by one of our existing services, we can customize our services, or create brand new ones, to provide an effective, tailor-made solution to your problem. We never try to force your problem into a “stock” solution, rather we will tailor our solutions to meet your problem.

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Our Mission

RL Liquidators supports the retail, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries by providing exception liquidation services that produce the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintaining the integrity of our client’s market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in their primary markets.