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Whether you are a brick and mortar store or e-commerce retailer, you have a unique set of reverse logistics problems to solve.  Returns continue to grow in the significance of their impact to your bottom line.  Regardless of whether you sold the item online or in a brick and mortar store, you have already spent a great deal of money to sell that item.  You purchased the item, shipped it to you, merchandised it (whether you put it on a shelf for customers to retrieve for purchase or employees to retrieve for shipping, you had to pay the labor costs associated with getting it on that shelf), spent money on the labor to sell the item and the costs associated with shipping it if you are an online retailer.  A return requires you to purchase the item again, this time at full retail value, and spend more on labor costs, and additional shipping if you are an online retailer, to do it.  While many simply accept this as a cost of doing business, it still represents a significant drain to your bottom line that is only getting larger as return rates continue to increase.

As the owner of a retail brand, you also need to keep your selection of merchandise current, modern and relevant to the ever changing appetites of the consumer.  All retailers regularly discontinue some items and introduce others.  The remaining discontinued items can cost you dearly in both warehouse space and the labor costs associated with dealing with them.  It is not uncommon for these discontinued items to remain in your warehouse for months, and often for years, steadily decreasing in value as they do.

RL Liquidators is your solution to both of these problems.  We purchase inventory that has been returned, designated as overstock, damaged, near or out or code and discontinued.  We can also act as your third party return center, accepting returns on your behalf so you never have to spend money on warehouse space and labor to process returns again.  Furthermore, we pay you for those returns, converting returns from a drain to your bottom line to a source of consistent revenue.

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Returns are a drain.  Every part costs money; return shipping, handling, storing, processing, it adds up fast.  Stop wasting resources on returns and let RL Return Center do it for you.  We accept and process returns on your behalf at our facilities, and then send you a check each month for the returns we received.  Don’t want to outsource?  Implement our software solutions to streamline your own return management process.

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RL Liquidators supports the retail, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries by providing exception liquidation services that produce the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintaining the integrity of our client’s market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in their primary markets.