How You Can Liquidate Your Inventory Now

We are the leading Reverse Logistics Company in the Western United States.

The RL Liquidators Process

As a leading reverse logistics company we are well versed in what it takes to liquidate your inventory. We understand that you may have to liquidate due to surprising turn of events from the market or a new business opportunity that you want to explore, or even you need to get rid of excess returns. Whatever it is we have solutions for you.

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B2C Liquidation: Our Auction and Sales Options

At RL Liquidators, we’ve developed a variety of sales opportunities that make it possible for you to receive the most value possible for your assets.

Step 1 : Contact Us For A Consultation About Your Assets
You can call us at (916) 747-7762 or emailing us at

Step 2 : We Assess Your Assets
This happens by either sending us pictures of your assets or scheduling a time for us to visit.

Step 3 : We Purchase or Consign Your Assets
Once we assess your assets you will have the option to deliver or we can remove the items.
You will receive your check after accepting our purchase offer or after receiving payment from your consignment.

How To Liquidate A Company

Commonly asked questions that you should consider when you close, sell, or restructure a business.

Normally, a small business operator will begin to get ready for a sale months or even years prior to the desired exit date. Since time is not on your side in a speedy exit scenario, you might need to think about different strategies to successfully transition from your company.

Many times owners are overwhelmed because they are torn between fighting to make payroll and selling assets before closure. The answer you your dilemma lies within the type of liquidation your business needs.

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Our Mission

RL Liquidators supports the retail, eCommerce, fulfillment centers, distributor, and manufacturing industries by providing exceptional liquidation services producing the highest rates of return in the industry, at any sales volume, while maintain the integrity of our client's market segment by protecting the strength of their brand and preventing price erosion in the primary market.

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